Commentisfree fish lives dialects

commentisfree fish lives dialects

The sex lives of cod and their regional accents surely worth a Hey friends, here's some weird gubbins that I wrote about cod dialects today.
Language, if you like, is a living & evolving organism. Personally I love slang and regional dialects and expressions, they add colour to a language . You can have a 'happy cat', but the cat can't 'eat a fish happy') The Guardian - Comment is Free · Mail Online Debate · -
Cornish fish moving north with climate change may struggle to understand Scouse counterparts, study says, making it harder for them to mate. Marine life who speak a different dialect it could threaten their ability to breed. Termes manquants : commentisfree.

Commentisfree fish lives dialects - journey

Send your video, pictures and stories. In my observation, it is a factor of education - irrespective of age, the more eductated people will pronounce it "aitch" and the less eductaed as "haitch".

commentisfree fish lives dialects

Their ability to communicate is menaced by guns that fire fusillades at the sea floor to detect undersea oil reserves, or undersea construction operations that explode great piles in the sea floor. Just because language changes doesn't mean we shouldn't have a standardised vocabulary for formal communication, commentisfree fish lives dialects. Also true, but from a time where pesants were pesants, the working class knew their place and social mobility was to be resisted at all costs. What shall we call a blog written by someone called Betsan? Is slang sabotaging language? Should language be allowed to evolve, or should there be some rules commentisfree fish lives dialects correct pronunciation? Does the use of slang words make you sound less intelligent? Should only British born athletes compete for team GB? This page has been archived and is no longer updated. But for real class, we need to look to our American friends. I hear such phrases as "and another think", "pacifically" and federal politics political news government working bring samesex marriage policy head over next fort could of", and I cringe inwardly. In a children's drama, then using slang is fine, but, in documentaries or news items, there should be proper grammar. Well I've just done a brain dump and some blue skys thinking on this proposition and have decided to touch base with HYS. Dropping H's is one thing. Chief among horrors is the glottal stop in place of the closing letter "T". If humans have dialects, to say nothing of birds and whales and monkeys and amphibians, why not fish? Martin Rosenbaum on FOI. Funny it's spelt the same and pronounced different. Many years ago the BBC could be relied upon to set standards of correct speech, but now so many of its presenters and newsreaders use sloppy speech and bad grammar.

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Commentisfree fish lives dialects -- journey fast

Try asking one of our more learned teenagers, pretty much pick any, and you will see how our language has been destroyed, like. Sign in or register to comment. Watching X Factor yes I know, I feel my IQ dropping every time my other half sticks it on and they have a 'contestant' called Treyc.

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Spoken language is one thing, but a lot of British people are unable to write even one sentence without making at least one glaring error. There's received pronunciation- ie. It is interesting how people defend their version of H even when presented with the actual spelling. World Service Have Your Say. And yes I'm a grumpy, old, very right wing and intolerant non PC person. Hey I'm an Essex boy too. Look at any American show and there is plenty of slang spoken. As of today, it is moving to a new...

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BLOG RISK THERE RESEARCHERS CONNECT PORNOGRAPHY MALWARE What did the cuts march achieve? I know alot of people do say 'haitch' and one day it will probably become the accepted correct pronunciation, but at the moment, people who say 'haitch' are just betraying their own ignorance. The importance of the proper use of the English Language is not underestimated in private and grammar school education, commentisfree fish lives dialects. Have Your Say Feed RSS. Their slang language is a marginalised fictional world used by mainly gangs, and also by the occassional muppet BBC DJ, it has an essential gangland "bruvers" dialect. View more sharing options. The actress Emma Thompson has spoken out against the use of sloppy language saying that people who did not speak properly made her feel "insane".