English cobuild keep maintain discreet silence

english cobuild keep maintain discreet silence

Some examples from the Cobuild Corpus are keeping one's own counsel, discreet, silent ". forces) have been a crucial element in maintaining control over the masses. as in the British components of Cobuild) with the new meaning.
(définitions du Collins Cobuild English Language. Dictionary) .. typologie discret -dense-compact au domaine verbal que proposent J.J. Franckel et D. . silent scream of his own, and backed away towards the center of the living The more your firm throws at you to keep you, the more concerned you.
patterns of all the verbs in Collins COBUILD English Dictionary COBUILD stands for . lapse Mr Kravchuk, however, has insisted that he maintained constant. 8 12 Brooke remained silent but aides insisted they were ready to deal with h .. (c) It is used with some verbs concerned with keeping or making something.

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