Episode discreet music january

episode discreet music january

Discreet Music – January 22, this episode is no longer available. Playlist. Mix of new, unusual and experimental music, hosted by Dean.
Listen via the RBMA Soundcloud or in the latest episode of " Discreet Music " here: travelbuenosaires.info /discre / episodes / january.
Eno sitting for a portrait in the late Who knew such beauty would be the result of a car crash? Forty years ago, Brian Eno found himself in....

Episode discreet music january -- tour fast

Sam Hockley-Smith explores the minimal sounds of SND , ventures into the stratosphere with Jo Johnson and Jonathan Fitoussi, and much more. Also included: music from living legend Ryuichi Sakamoto, plaintive piano from Nils Frahm and dense drone from North Americans. Recommended Ambient Albums from the Ambient Mailing List. We say "primarily" because the category is so broad, and the mid-century influence is felt in waves rippling through time. Afterward, Bruce step in. En cliquant sur le site ou en le parcourant, vous nous autorisez à collecter des informations sur et en dehors de Facebook via les cookies.

episode discreet music january

discreet music

Episode discreet music january -- tri

Leimer — Malaise Rvng Intl. Vinyl: Records and Covers by Artists - Monographs. From the maximal drone of Infinite Body, to the unnervingly minimal rhythmic workouts of SND and Nicola Ratti, this installment of Discreet Music traverses the experimental music map to create an out-there collage for these uncertain times. I'm not sure if he called it Discreet Music because he had not thought of the term 'ambient music'? And what do artists use to actually make disorienting music? Upon returning to his bed after struggling to put the record on in his debilitated state, Eno found that the volume on his record player was turned down much too low. To me it's the pinnacle of Brian Eno's work. All that, plus jams from Mind Over Mirrors, Andrew Pekler and Jon Keliehor, a new single from Blanck Mass and more.

episode discreet music january