Hide birth date from social networking sites

hide birth date from social networking sites

The social network sends you a notification to remind you of a person's birthday as long as they are on your friends list. Whether you are close.
Go to your profile and click Update Info. 2. Click Contact and Basic Info. 3. Scroll down, hover over the Birth Date or Birth Year row. An Edit option will appear.
Social Media for Direct Selling Speaker and Author | Talk Even when you think it is hidden, when the Facebook Birthday app lists yours as Leave a comment or share it with your network and help them out as well! .. The best way to do your birthdate on facebook and other website that asks for it..

Hide birth date from social networking sites traveling Seoul

They might be images, articles, or even employer websites. I was tricked into giving my birthday because I thought only microsoft would use it for verification. Good for you berryduchess! Shame on MS for the deception that the DOB was for security and then to find out it's to further social networking addiction. Selecting this option means only you will be able to view your birthday on your profile. So for this year, just before my birthday, I decided to have a social experiment. Find the area where birthday is listed and hover over your birthday and the Edit link appears.

hide birth date from social networking sites

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  • How can security information be made public by default with no option to hide it? I would strongly suggest to have a look to other controls, security measures and privacy controls that might be useful as well: travelbuenosaires.info.
  • If you want to hide the year in which you were born as well, you can do so directly below the birth date field.
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On my fb profile picture which is faceless ie no photo with my name and whenever you click on my name tag blue in posts, my date of birth and age appears. It's a white "F" on a blue background.. Scroll down to the "Basic Info" section and tap Edit. Read more Just a general question, I don't want my friends to see my birthday on Skype and I don't know how.