Hooked chat stories

hooked chat stories

HOOKED lets you read amazing chat stories FREE.
The Hooked iOS and Android mobile app brings a new way of reading a story to our screens: as if it were a chat. Curious? Read on, right here.
Hooked Story List What is Hooked 0_0. The app includes short stories that you can read in minutes. With a chat conversation format, you read..

Hooked chat stories flying fast

Pleaaaaase fix, so I can be more active with the app! Bienvenue dans App Annie! They have great stories on here that really leave you speechless. But it can be fun if you're okay with waiting. Le problème c'est que certaines sont mal traduites. There doesn't seem to be a way to bail out of a lame story either-- you need to keep clicking next till you get to the end of it.

But the hoots thing, it's obnoxious, along with the fact that I can't see images. To download the free app HOOKED - Chat Stories by Telepathic, Inc. Découvrez ce que les utilisateurs pensent de HOOKED - Chat Stories en lisant les évaluations et en consultant la note. But at some point the countdown find partner stopped being accurate. All in all, this app is well designed and smooth, hooked chat stories, and even though you have to wait sometimes, it is worth it.

Hooked chat stories flying

HOOKED lets you read amazing chat stories FREE.. You read the story and truly get hooked! I could buy many suspenseful books for the price of their fees and they wouldn't be written in text messages format. This version won't let me reread stories I've already read.

hooked chat stories

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Ne passez pas à côté de ceci! I knew exactly how long I had before I could read more and I simply did or read something else. Aucune donnée de classement pour la semaine dernière. Add a way to get others stories heard. The only issue I had was that it randomly swapped the names of who's talking.

hooked chat stories