Italian slang dictionary adult words

italian slang dictionary adult words

translate since meanings can change based on the context of the word and inflection of voice. A fa Nabila – (Southern Italian dialect) – literally "Go to Naples", generally . Puzzi – (Sicilian dialect) – stink, bad smell, sometimes used as "shit".
Italian -American (NY, NJ) slang dictionary. Full dictionary of this slang language. la vesa gazi – swear word [laa-VAY-zaa-gaa-ZEE].
Review these 15 Italian slang words and phrases to help you need to use this Italian slang phrase to notify someone who has “ bad breath.”.

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And understood in Newark NJ.. Originally in Italy no one would have known what that meant, but a lady whom I know here in Germany says they use that in parts of Italy as a greeting as well. Spoken and understood here in Kearny, NJ and our roots in Brooklyn. That sounds kind of Yiddish. My family was Calabrezz. You can feed this entry.. That's how you make fresh ricotta cheese? Ma, che sei grullo?

italian slang dictionary adult words

I see a similar one above, but not exact. I needed just the right word in not quite mobspeak, just the right slang rendering of something Sicilian but not so sinister, for a certain type of idiot, and here I found it, the exact right word in no language but the one we collectively share. As I got older I discovered that the vowels at the end of the Italian words I heard when I was growing are not silent but should actually be pronounced. I am inclined to agree with both of your posts. Save the olive oil to reuse when you make more! What a fantastic, colorful and memorable childhood I had! Some are fried with a piece of salt cod baccala inside, sort of a dumpling and served in place of bread at the traditional meatless meal of the pre-Vatican II Christmas Vigil. La Mal Ladrino who steals the cheese, italian slang dictionary adult words. I too miss all the sounds, aromas, tastes, hugs and love wild erotic stories online growing up near an Italian kitchen.

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  • Italian slang dictionary adult words
  • After all, the Florentine language itself was only a dialect until it became elevated to official national status. Most of the words on here are familiar to me also.
  • Italian slang dictionary adult words

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It was homemade, and it was called Almond Toast or Anise Toast. Many Italians from the mainland did not consider Sicilians as real Italians. My grandma used to say fazzaneegol ,I spelled it out how it sounded when she said it for was from avellino.

italian slang dictionary adult words