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esrb ratings symbol for m - rated games. MATURE. Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual  ‎ ESRB Ratings Process · ‎ Rating enforcement · ‎ Rating Summaries....

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The game's publisher, Bethesda Softworks , decided not to re-edit the game or contest the new rating, but noted that Oblivion ' s content was "not typical" of games with the M rating, and that the game "does not present the central themes of violence that are common to those products. Find a solutions provider. Reviews Are the Gospel. This is especially odd with period-set series, such as Boardwalk Empire.
rated mature

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Rated mature List of banned video games. Paradoxically, one of the game's opening screens warns against the game's high content of violence and gore a la Resident Evilthe former of which is overdone and cartoonish, and the latter of which is completely nonexistent. They contain no objectionable content. The game is rated 'M', rated mature, however, because of a fair amount of swearing and some gruesome deaths rated mature humans during the cinematics particularly in the opening. Banner ads for Wartune had the tagline "Adult Gamers Only" which one could tell meant "Male Gamers Only" judging from the images alone, though other ads said exactly thatand falsely carried the ESRB AO rating. The ESRB maintains a code of ethics for the advertising and promotion of video games—ensuring that marketing materials for games are targeted to appropriate audiences. Mortal Kombat was one of the first games where a sprite directly under the player's control was retouched Chroma Key footage played by a real actor rather than animated.
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