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Advancing Human Rights, Gender Equality and Improved .. Resource List. Consultation on Sexuality Education, in Bogota, Colombia.
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Wight D et al. In recent years, drawing largely from the ICPD, emerging evidence, and field experiences of feminist and nongovernmental organizations in developing countries, international agencies, donor programs and researchers have increasingly highlighted gender as a topic integral to comprehensive sexuality education. Hess KL et al. While a sizable proportion of teachers reported receiving pre-service training, this is usually general and does not often include dedicated sexuality education modules, since sexuality education is not a stand-alone subject. Chin HB et al. Clinic-based programs were far more likely to reduce adverse health outcomes than programs implemented in other settings, with four out of five clinic-based programs proving effective. Make a monthly gift.

Peer-Reviewed Journals International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Silverman JG et al. Even among teachers who received training, they were rarely trained in all topics that are included in comprehensive sexuality education according to international standards. Core support provided to APHRC by Sida and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation also assisted in the development of the study and this report. This information is drawn from a desk review of policy documents and syllabi currently used in secondary schools, previous curriculum reviews and key informant interviews. A research permit was obtained from the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation in Kenya. Henderson M et al. In situations where civil society organizations offer to train teachers, and even offer training stipends, the school heads may determine the content of the training and which teachers can attend. Moreover, there is often minimal teacher training for implementing them, and teachers who are unprepared and lack knowledge or adequate support may limit their teaching to topics with which they are comfortable. A safe school environment is essential for fostering learning, and especially so for sensitive singles match mature forums related to sexuality.

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This chapter describes the policy and legal environment regarding sexuality education in Kenya, the actors involved in curriculum development, the structure and content of the sexuality education program, and challenges to program development and implementation, and offers commentary on program comprehensiveness. While most teachers were in support of most topics being taught, some opposed teaching certain critical issues that would be expected in a comprehensive program. Key informants reported that various media channels are used in Kenya to educate adolescents and young people about SRH issues within their communities.