Technology archive self tracking apps exclude women

technology archive self tracking apps exclude women

Eveleth, Rose. “How Self - Tracking Apps Exclude Women.” The Atlantic, December 15, technology / archive self.
early adopters of wearable technology who are young, educated, and technologically savvy. .. CSCW 11. Eveleth R. How Self - Tracking Apps Exclude Women. The Atlantic, technology / archive.
Fascinating look at how self - tracking apps like the Apple "health" app don't . com/ technology / archive self - tracking - apps - exclude - women /...

Technology archive self tracking apps exclude women -- traveling Seoul

CrossRef Google Scholar Pols, J. For most stakeholders involved in PHC, there is an acknowledgment that the financial strain that healthcare systems in the industrialized West are facing is not only the result of the economic and financial crisis, but also largely due to what is seen as the ineffectiveness of the traditional model of reactive, one-size-fits-all medicine. Often, self-tracking data is referred to as a supplement, an additional layer of information that enhances or contributes to broader understandings and self-narratives.

technology archive self tracking apps exclude women

I suggest that a practice-based approach, which studies how values are enacted in specific practices, technology archive self tracking apps exclude women, can open the way for a new set of theoretical questions. It is sharing your identity through the lens of some sort of information about. CrossRef Google Scholar Ruckenstein, M. In terms of the promise of improved overall health, this means that discourses articles younginvestors eight tipsasp empowerment and individual choice are rhetorical devices that conceal political and economic agendas that are often detached from the real interests of patients and citizens, masking a dynamic of abandonment rather than empowerment. Include breakfast Exclude breakfast OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Recovery from an eating disorder does not always occur when you are with a therapist or in a treatment program. It was now time, he believed, to bring government, research, and funding agencies into the picture. Yet, since its emergence, the increased emphasis on individual responsibility in health has been the focus of intense critique by scholars working on health and governance issues. Pinterest is using cookies to help give you the best experience we. For a discussion on how these critiques fall back into an explanatory framework of autonomy vs. Towards a theory of social practices: a development in culturalist theorizing. A lot of people.

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  • In the last part, I sketch out how this can work by describing various enactments of autonomy, solidarity, and authenticity in the self-tracking practices of the Quantified Self community, a large group of avid self-trackers.
  • CrossRef Google Scholar ter Meulen, R.
  • So QS is the community, and tracking products are the apps and hardware designed for commercial use.

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This tiny faction knows that most of their compatriots on the left are committed to nonviolence, so they frame their aggressive actions as a narrow exception to the rule. CrossRef Google Scholar Foreman, A. In response to the overwhelmingly positive attention that self-tracking has received in the medical and public health literature, critical discussions of self-tracking for health have begun to emerge in the social sciences literature e. Healthism and the medicalization of everyday life.

technology archive self tracking apps exclude women