Workshops adults talking kids about

workshops adults talking kids about

kid's sake,” or 'I have to come to grips with my own feelings before I can talk with By coming to the workshops and trying to discover how other adults handle.
How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk help parents develop communication skills that build better relationships between adults and children. have developed "do-it-yourself" group workshop programs which have won.
Are you a white educator, parent, or caregiver of white children who wants to discuss and challenge everyday racism that targets people of color? This workshop...

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Johns Preschool, Kids Kourt, West Michigan Academy of the Arts, Rugrat. Social Media and Cyber Safety Learn about security and parental controls of the various social media out there today but also hear from teens directly about their daily experience of all this social media. Counselling, professional development, workshops and seminars on relationships and sexuality across the life span For adults: Talking to kids about sex Suitable for parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone who spends time with young people. Welcome to Your Neighborhood!

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What does your pre-schooler know about race and identity? In this workshop we will discuss the pressures on teens today and give you practical tips to survive and thrive with your teen during these emotional years. Sign in Report Abuse Powered By Google Sites Search this site.

workshops adults talking kids about